Our Values

We value finding those moments that are worth savouring, the things that help us linger a little while longer, and appreciate the moment we are in. 

For many of us life has just got too busy.  We have to be deliberate in finding ways that help us slow down and take a deep breath. 

Even in a time of lock-down we are coping with the constant pressure of everything being perfect, home schooling, diying and balancing zoom calls with the endless demands of family life. 

As a result, many of us have recently found ourselves stripping away the things that life had previously added, realising that the many layers we thought we wanted actually left us feeling we had lost who we actually were. 

At “I love” we rally against the pressure to be more, and advocate owning the right to just be our authentic selves. 

And it’s the same for our products, like us they are stripped back and authentic with a tapestry of flavour and character. Each ingredient perfectly chosen to take you to a place where you can be fully you.

So what do you value? Sitting with a good book with your feet up on the sofa with a steaming hot cup of tea and melt on the taste-buds fudge? Or do you get excited at the thought of not having to cook and claiming your peace and quiet with your favourite cheese and chutney?

Like us, are you dreaming about the days when you can again have family round and serve Baked Camembert with Spicy Red Onion Marmalade and chunky slices of bread? 

So if like us you are finding that ‘stripped back is the new more,’ join us and enjoy the moment right here, right now and take advantage of our home delivery.

We can’t wait to bring your “me time” to your door!

Louise and her family visiting her Dad at Tithe Green Memorial Ground, Easter Sunday 2019.